Australian Visa Types Open for Application

Australian Visa Types Open for Application

Australia enjoys a vast and wide ranging landscape, white sand beaches, exceptional wildlife and a rich and human diversity that any migrant would appreciate. Being a developed nation with a strong economy, social liberties and contemporary lifestyle, migrants from all over the world naturally prefer the Australian visa. It is also a country with a low unemployment ratio and this has helped to establish Australia as a force to reckon with among the developed nations of the world.

Whether you are planning to work in Australia, study or just for visit purposes, Australia is welcoming to everyone as long as they have the right visa. There are a couple of visas to Australia available to foreigners, you might want to intimate yourself with them.

Skilled Migration Visa

The Australian skilled migration visa is designed for the skilled worker class. In order to apply as a skilled worker under the skilled migration visa, you will need to satisfy all the basic Australia visa requirements as well as pass the points test set by Australian immigration.

Visitor Visa

If you intend visiting Australia for no more than 3 months, then you can apply for the visitor visa. This visa is only valid for 1 year from the date of issue and it can be used for multiple travels. While using this visa, you will not be allowed to work in any way in Australia. If you are looking for how to apply job in Australia from Dubai, this is not the visa you should apply for. This visa only allows you to visit for holiday and recreation only.

Business Visa

Anyone who has owned a successful business or is a successful senior executive of a big company can apply for a business visa. This visa gives the eligibility to start a business within Australia.

Partner Visa

If you have a partner in Australia who is an Australian citizen or is a permanent resident of Australia, you can apply for the partner visa to be with your partner. This visa allows your partner to sponsor your visa for 2 years after which you are free to apply for residency yourself, if your relationship is considered genuine and continuing.

Student Visa

If you wish to study in Australia, the student visa is the right type of visa for you. Please note that you can only submit an application for a visa after which you have been offered a provisional admission from a chosen and recognized Australian educational institution. The requirements for student visa varies with the country of origin.


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