Australian Immigration 101

Planning to migrate to Australia? You will need an Australian Visa and choosing the right Australian Visa for you and your family for migration can be a long and costly process and quite complicated.

Here are some Australian immigration information for you for your knowledge.

What’s an Australian Visa?

An Australian visa is a type of endorsement from your passport required by the Australian Immigration to allow foreign individuals to visit or live in the country, either for temporary or permanent basis.

What types of Australian Visas are there?

There are 2 types of Australian Visas available for application, the Permanent type visa and the Temporary type one.

There are a number of Australian sub class and categories available for a temporary and permanent visas. Your type of visa will be depending on your travel purpose.  This will determine which sublass you are eligible to apply. If you are migrating to Australia as a Student, you will need a temporary visa for a Student Visa.


When you are applying for an Australian Visa, it is important that you provide a proper and correct information on your your documents that you will submit to the Australian Immigration and Border Protection. The Immigration is very strict and they make sure that your information are correct. Application information must all be correct and not be delayed.

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