Australian General Skilled Migration Visa

Australian General Skilled Migration Visa

Australia is a great place to work in. Getting an Australian work visa or a skilled immigrant visa is also, not a very tough process – especially if you have a consultancy working for you and helping you out in the process. However, before you take those steps, there are some essential things to know about the Australian Visa. The people having an Australian skilled migration visa enjoy a great work and life balance. The Australian General Skilled Migration program offers the skilled migrant and skilled worker applicants to allow for a permanent Australian visa but only after analyzing their qualifications, work experience and language ability necessary for Australian immigration.

A reform that the Australian government did was, in 2012, a new skilled worker program called the Skilled Migrant Selection Register was brought, also recognized as SkillSelect. To apply for this, an Expression of Interest (EOI) has to be submitted. The Skill Select is an electronic two-stage process where prospective visa applicants are required to claim for skilled migration via submission of claim through an online EOI. In addition, the selected applicants may then be asked to submit an application for Australian Visa where their EOI is taken into account.

Following this procedure, a few of the Australian Visa applicants would get selected depending on their scores in the criteria. The desired Australian visa applicants would be required to match the levels of English language requirements and then receive the necessary skills assessment that is done before their EOI submission. However, unlike now you will have to also be approved by the Skill Select first, in order to get your Visa. The process thus brings in a greater uncertainty compared to the current system. So to sum it all up, the best way to acquire a Visa if you want to work and/or live in Australia is to work on these things with a consultant alongside you, in order to minimize risks and guarantee immigration.

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