188 Provisional Investor Visa

188 Provisional Investor Visa

This 188 Provisional Investor Visa Permits for Australia is for individuals who are prepared to invest money or want to own and manage a either an existing business or a new business, or invest in any business in any Australian territory.

188 Provisional Business Investor Visa Permits Three Streams:

  • Business Innovation stream: this stream is for those individuals or businessmen who has business skills and want to put up, manage and develop a new or existing business in the country.
  • Investor stream: This is for business man or investor who want to make an investment with at least 1.5million Australian Dollar in the country
  • Significant Investor stream: This is for individuals who are prepared to invest a minimum 5 million Australian Dollars  in Australian business market

An applicant must score at least 65 points in the points system test to be eligible to apply for a Business Innovation and Investment or the 188 Provisional Investor Visa in the Business Innovation stream or the Investor stream.
Points are based on the following:

  • age
  • English proficiency
  • work and education qualifications
  • experience in business or investment
  • net assets for personal and business
  • business turnover
  • innovation

What are the Benefits for having 188 Provisional Investor Visa in Australia

This visa type is a temporary residence visa. It will let you and your family who have also been granted this visa to:

  • You and your family can stay in Australia
  • You and your family can work and study in the country
  • You and your family members can be enrolled in Medicare
  • You and your family can travel to and from the country

This Australian Business Owner Subclass 890 Visa is designed for all foreign citizens who own and manage business or businesses in Australia.

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