309 Partner (Temporary) - Active Migration for Australia

309 Partner (Temporary) – Active Migration for Australia

309 Partner Spouse Temporary Visa

The Subclass 309 Partner Spouse Temporary Visa for Australia is considered the first step in obtaining a Permanent Partner Visa which is the Subclass 100 for Australia. Application for the Temporary and Permanent Partner Visa has two stages.

Benefits of having the 309 Partner Spouse Temporary Visa:

  1. This visa will let you enter Australia and stay in the country while you are waiting for the result of your Permanent Partner Visa.
  2. You can work anywhere in Australia
  3. You can also study in the country but you will not have access to government funds.
  4. You can enroll for Medicare which is the country’s health-related care and expenses company.

Benefits of having the Australia Permanent Partner Visa:

  • You will be able to stay in Australia for no limit of time
  • You can work and study anywhere in the country
  • You can also apply for Australian citizenship in the future
  • You can also sponsor relatives who are eligible for permanent residence visa
  • You can receive some of the social security payments
  • You can travel in and out of Australia for 5 years from the visa grant date

The Australian Spouse Visa is for individuals who are wanting to migrate to Australia and stay there permanently or temporarily with their husbands or partners who is either a citizen of Australia or one having a Permanent Residence.

This Spouse permanent Visa will allow the wife or husband or legal partner to stay and live permanently in Australia.

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We were extremely pleased with the Permits and Visas team and the fast process at which they carried everything out. all team members are experience and expert in preparation and made sure that everything was ready according to migration department need.
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