Australia Skilled Visa Requirements for Immigration

Australia Skilled Visa Requirements for Immigration

Are you looking for job visa for Australia? Do you want to work and live in Australia? You probably don’t know what the Australia PR requirements are. The Australia Skilled Visa offers every skilled migrant the opportunity to migrate to Australia to work and live. If you qualify and are granted visa, you become a permanent resident and are free to access the many privileges that other permanent residents of Australia enjoy.

The requirements for Australia Skilled Visa are below:

  • Age: Applicants are expected to be under the age of 50 at the time of application.
  • English Language Skill: All applicants are expected to have sufficient English language proficiency since that is the official means of communication.
  • Nominated Occupation: At the time of application, part of permanent residency Australia requirements is that you should select a skill that matches your occupation. Such occupation must also be found on the Skilled Occupations List of Australia.
  • Skills Assessment: Before submitting your application, your skills will also be assessed by the Australian assessing Authority whose job is to ensure that your skill are as you claim. There are specific requirements of the Assessing Authority which you should satisfy to be ratified as skilled in the occupation you selected.
  • Health Assessment: All applicants are expected to be in good health condition. To make sure of this, your health will be assessed by a panel doctor who will conduct an examination to ensure you are in good health standing.
  • Character Assessment: All applicants are expected to be of good character as this will also be tested.

Anyone who cannot satisfy the Australia skilled visa requirements or pass the points test will not have to continue to submit an application for the General Skilled Migration.


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