Australia Skilled Independent Visa

Australia Skilled Independent Visa Requirements

The Australian Skilled Independent Visa is a point based system for foreign immigrants who have abilities and are skilled. This visa doesn’t have sponsorship from an Australian employer, Australian state or any family members. This will allow an individual to work and live in the country. The skills the foreign migrants have must be in demand in Australia and as per the work market.

What are the requirement for the Australian Skilled Independent Visa

This type of visa is invitational and is aligned to the applicants request.

  • Applicant must be engaged in an occupation in the list of Skilled Occupation of Australia
  • You must reach at least 60 points which will be based on your age, your qualification, your work experience and your English capabilities as well as some other criteria applicable.
  • You must be under the age of 50.
  • You must have a positive Skills Assessment Form from the authority
  • You must have good grade in English
  • You must submit an EOI or the Expression of Interest
  • You must obey with the character and health requirement

What are the Benefits of having an Australian Skilled Independent Visa

  • You will be able to live and work in the country indefinitely.
  • You can full time study any course at any grade whether in Australian School, University, Vocational or Domestic Scholarships
  • You will be receiving subsidized healthcare benefits
  • You can apply for an Australian Citizenship after some time
  • You can also sponsor your loves ones or family members for a PR or temporary residency visa.


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