Australia Skill Shortage Facts

Australia Skill Shortage Facts

Many countries are facing the situation of skills shortage. Australia is one of them too. A country with hub of opportunities is inviting skilled people from other countries to come, stay and work in Australia. They are attracting the skilled resources by tempting them with facts like short working hours, a comfortable to stay in climate, low cost of living and so on. Australia is targeting European workers the most.

Australia is willing to offer a good 4 year long sponsored immigration to workers with the skills they are looking for and they are giving the opportunity to convert this sponsorship into a permanent stay on visa.

Below are some factors Australian immigration will be considered for shortlisting the candidates willing to migrate as skilled migrants:

  • Aged under 45 years
  • Work experience of 6-7 years in your occupation including training, apprenticeship or study
  • Points test is not mandatory to clear if the above conditions are met

Australia Jobs have always attracted migrants because of the good facilities and benefits provided by the government and the employer. However in the current scenario, most of the states in Australia have been facing labour shortage issue of qualified and specially skilled talent. The major shortage is in the mining industry.

There are various permits and visas available to migrate and settle in Australia. Australian Visa application is a process that is not very difficult if you know the parameters, and if you have a consultant to help you out, it is very smooth and risk-free. For an Australian work visa to be obtained by using your skills knowledge is Australia Skilled Migration Visa. If your occupation is in the shortage list and you desire of working and settling down in the splendid country, apply for a work visa for Australia now.

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