Australia immigration | Changes in 2019

Australia is one of the favorite destinations for immigrants. This New Year brings a number of changes to the Australian Immigration System. In the last few months, the Australian government has decided to change some of the rules in 2019. Here are some key Australian Immigration rules changes:

South Australia will pilot a program in 2019 for start-up entrepreneurs

A new visa for start-up entrepreneurs which will not be difficult to obtain as a Business and Innovation visa is. Under this programme, the applicant does not require a $200,000 funding arrangement and only with 5 average band score on the IELTS, he can apply. The main requirement to obtain this visa that applicant must have an original well proof business plan and idea.

Changes in Partner Visa

If you are thinking to apply for your spouse or partner visas it is best to a consultant with lawyer or immigration experts, that how the changes can affect your case. As the Family Violence Bill passed in Senate. So there are some changes in the process. This means that now the sponsor has to pass and clear some strict process in order to apply for a spouse visa. After this clearance, then sponsor can continue the process.

Increase in Financial requirements for international students

The living cost requirement for student visa applicants has been increased to ensure that foreign students should be financially prepared to move to Australia and that they have to show sufficient before they are granted a student visa or they can survive in Australia.

The evidence of funds has been increased by the Australian Government for the international students.

  • Foreign Student: $20,290 (up from $19,830)
  • Partner or Spouse: $7,100 (up from $6,940)
  • Per Child: $3,040 (up from $2,970) 

New Temporary Sponsored Parent Visas 

 This visa is introduced in 2019. The temporary sponsored parent visas allow the parents of the Australian citizen and permanent residents to sponsor their parents and bring their parents to Australia. This visa is valid for 3 or 5 years. Only 15000 visas will be granted each year and can be renewed up to a maximum of 10 years.

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