Australia General Skilled Migration Program in Dubai UAE

Australia General Skilled Migration Program

General Skilled Migration (GSM) is a 2-step points based program designed by the Australian government to offer permanent resident visa to professionals and skilled workers who wish to migrate to Australia, take up the job opportunities in Australia, live and settle down on a permanent basis. The first step to take in this process is to submit an Expression of Interest via the SkillSelect System. All EOIs are pooled together. Selections are made from the pool every fortnight depending the available spaces for the nominated occupation of applicants. Those who get selected in the pool by the Australian immigration authority are given Invitation to Apply (ITA) and submit an application for Australia resident visa much later. There are basically two visa categories in the GSM program and they are the Points Tested General Skilled Migration Visas; and the Employer Sponsored visas. The Points Tested General Skilled Migration Visas have been overviewed in this post.

The following visa categories are points-tested visas under the GSM program

  1. Skilled Independent Visa (SC 189)
  2. Skilled Nominated Visa (SC 190)
  3. Skilled Regional Visa (Provisional) (SC489)

Eligibility Requirements

The following are Australian visa requirements for whoever will be eligible for either the Skilled Independent, Skill Nominated or Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visas:

  1. You must be under the age of 50 years
  2. Your nominated occupation must be relevant on the Skilled Occupation List
  3. You must have obtained a positive skills assessment for this nominated occupation
  4. You must have scored at least 60 points in the points test
  5. You must have competence in English Language
  6. You must have satisfied all health and character requirements
  7. You must be nominated by either territory or state government agency for you to apply for the SC 190
  8. You must be nominated by a regional government agency or by an eligible family relative who must be living in a designated area for you to apply for the SC489 visa

Skilled Independent Visa (SC 189)

The Skilled Independent visa (Subclass 189) is a permanent residency visa Australia that allows you to settle anywhere within Australia. You will not need any kind of nomination from either state or territory or relative to be able to apply.

Skilled Nominated Visa (SC 190)

The Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190) is also a permanent residency visa but this requires a kind of nomination from either an Australian state or territory for application to be considered. Applicant will have to live within the nominating state or territory for 2 years before such can relocated.

Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa (SC 489)

The Skilled Regional Visa (Subclass 489) is a provisional visa that offers a pathway to securing a permanent residence permit in Australia. It is also one of the preferred options under the General Skilled Migration Australia program for those who might not have been able to qualify for the SC 189 and SC 190 visas.

To be qualified, you need an eligible relative who is living in a ‘designated area’ or must have been nominated by the state or territory government in a low population growth metropolis or regional area. The visa is valid for 4 years. The applicant can however apply for an Australian PR once such have lived for up to 2 years and worked full time for up to 1 year in this stated designated area or regional area.


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