Australia 457 Work Visa

Australia 457 Work Visa

Australia is one of the top and most progressive countries in the world and has been one of the top destinations for migrants around the globe. It offers immigration systems to reduce the shortage in a skilled workforce.

The Australian 457 Work Visa is a temporary type of business visa that allows Australian employers to sponsor foreign workers and is now a popular way to work in Australia.

Employers in Australia can sponsor any foreign skilled professional under the Australian 457 work visa for a period of time up to four years. 457 Visa holder’s family are also welcome and can work and study in Australia.

Once you have granted an Australian 457 Work Visa, you can enter multiple times during the validity of your visa.

Your Australian employer is eligible for applying a foreign worker to work and live in Australia. They must meet the following requirements:

  • applying to be a sponsor to hire foreign workers
  • nominate the occupation the foreign worker want to fill and the employee wants to fill those position
  • recruit the foreign worker to fill the nominated position
  • act as a sponsor for the employee applying for a work visa
  • cooperate with the immigration department’s monitoring rules and regulations and requirements

The employee must meet the following requirements:

  • accept the offer of employment from the Australian employer
  • apply for an Australian 457 Work visa
  • meet all conditions on their 457 Work visa application

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