Are You Skilled and Want to Work in Australia-

Are You Skilled and Want to Work in Australia?

Have you got skills and you are looking at migrating to Australia? You may need to visit SkillSelect. SkillSelect is an online system that is designed to allow migrants to quickly and easily submit their details so that they could be considered for an Invitation to Apply for a Skilled Visa.

SkillSelect has been designed such that it fishes out foreigners who are more skilled than those who are less skilled. This way, it can pick out those who are most needed in the Australian setting. In order to find out if you have got the kind of skill that Australia is looking for, you may need to take a look at the Skilled Occupation List on our web portal. The Australian government or state territory uses the SkillSelect to identify and select workers that are skilled and such as needed to be nominated for a skilled visa. If you are lucky enough to get nominated by a state or territory government, your chances of getting an Invitation to Apply will be increased immensely.

During the 2014/2015 programme year, about 39,000 Invitations to Apply were issued. So if you have checked and found out that you have got desired skills in Australia and you have met all the visa requirements, then you can go on and log into the SkillSelect system and state what you have to offer the Australian government. You never can tell, you may just be given an Invitation to Apply sooner than you have expected.

This is one of the easier ways to migrate to Australia from Dubai. It is however still advised that you run your profile through a reputable Australian immigration consultants in Dubai. Migrating to Australia from Dubai requires a good knowledge of immigration rules and practices, one that you may now have access to without an expert’s help. If you can locate a good Australian immigration Dubai agent, it could make the different in either reducing how long it takes for you to be Invited to Apply or even whether you application will be accepted.


At Permits and Visas, we take our clients seriously. All of our agents are well knowledgeable and experienced about Australian immigration practices. We are reckoned among the best Australian immigration consultants in Dubai because of this. We invite you to fill up our free visa assessment form and one of our agents will reach you soonest.