Are You Qualified for Australian Skilled Migration

Are You Qualified for Australian Skilled Migration

Are you qualified for Australian Skilled Migration Visa? Do you want to migrate to Australia with your family? Australia offers a Skilled Migration program to attract numbers of highly professional people from around the globe to migrate to Australia.

Below are the Skilled Migration programs available for individuals to apply for. These will be your option for your skilled migration. Once you qualify under one of the programs below, you will be eligible to apply for visa.

    Skilled Independent Subclass 189

    This is Permanent Resident Visa under Skilled Independent Subclass 189 program. This doesnt require any sponsorhip from family member, employer or state of Australia.

    Skilled Nominated Subclass 190

    This as well is a Permanent Resident Type of Visa. This skilled nominated 190 visa requires a nomination from one of the states or territories of Australia.

    Skilled Regional Provisional Subclass 489

    This tyep of visa is valild for 4 years. This will allow the visa holder to work and live in a certain place of Australia. Applicant is required to have a sponsor by someone or relative living in an area in Australia.

    Skilled Regional Subclass 887

    This Skilled Regional Visa is a type of visa that is permanent stage of the regional provisional visa. This requires an applicant to be in the region of Australia for 2 years and have worked in the country for at least 12 months.


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Australia offers a number of programs for skilled professionals all around the globe. We will assess your qualifications and skills with the help of our professional immigration agents in Dubai to deeply evaluate your chances in getting your Australian Visa application a success. Permits and Visas do not accept applications from unqualified individuals. We make sure that our clients are eligible enough to apply for Australian Visa.