Singapore Employment Pass

Are You Eligible for A Singapore Employment Pass?

Every year there are thousands and thousands of foreign nationals who wish to be employed and working in Singapore. The only glitch? Acquiring a Visa or an Employment pass/work permit. The government of Singapore is strict on ruled of the EP and there are criteria’s that need to be perfect.
The complete process can be taken care of the consultancy – from reviewing your candidacy to acting as your working link with the Singapore Ministry of Manpower, which is followed by Visa applications and  appealing.

But how to know your chances? How to know you are eligible?

The first step towards acquiring a Singapore Employment Pass or work permit is always crucial to the complete process. You need to know that you have all the areas covered well. And what are those areas ?

Well, here is the gist in brief :

  • If you have a managerial job, or you are in an executive role in the company, you can consider yourself to be eligible. The more reputed the company, the bigger are your chances.
  • If you are a service provider of/working in are in specialized jobs, that will work great.
  • If you are to be employed in Singapore at a monthly salary (fixed) of at least 3,300 Singapore dollars. (or at current relevant market rates), you are eligible.
  • If you possess some or all of the basic acceptable qualifications that are listed below. This is a big part of building up your resume, which is of the crucial importance if you are planning to apply for a Singapore EP. These criteria’s/qualifications generally include :
  • A graduation/post graduation degree from a recognized university.
  • Any professional qualifications
  • Any skills as a specialist of a field.
  • A proven track record
  • Recommendations from reputed professionals

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Permits and Visas can help you assess your qualification in applying for a Singapore Employment Pass. Our Immigration Experts will guide you with the Singapore Immigration rules and regulations as well as help you gather all the requirements needed before submitting the application. Call us at +971 4 553 8913 today and know if you are eligible for a Singapore Employment Pass or Work Visa.