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Applying For A 457 Work Permit Australia

  1. When you’re applying for an Australian Work Visa you should know what a 457 Work Permit means.
  1. Any foreigner who wishes to conduct work for a company in Australia for up to 4 years requires a 457 Work Permit. However, the person needs to be sponsored by an approved employer/business and possess the necessary skills for filling the position.
  1. To avail the Australian skilled migrant’s visa, it has to be proved that the person applying is the only one for the job. 2 Separate applications are required to prove the same.
  1. Australian Government must approve the employer as an eligible employer. The second step involves, nominating the position that needs to be filled.
  1. Having qualifications relating to the position you apply for eases your Australian visa application process dramatically.
  1. When Australian Visa is applied for positions which do not require relevant qualifications but experience, the department overlooks qualifications and assesses the candidates purely on experience.
  1. The typical frame for acquiring the Australian Work visa is somewhere between 3 and 4 months post the submission of application.
  1. It is very important that the third party processes like Skill Assessments and IELTS Test are well coordinated.
  1. Main requirements for Australian Work Visa are:
    • An Employment Offer (Job Offer)
  • Contract of Employment
  • Relevant Academic Degree (Qualification)
  • IELTS Test (For any application over 18 years of age)
  • Police Clearances (For any application over 18 years of age)
  • Medical and Radiological Reports

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