Applying as a Skilled Migrant in Australia

Here are the steps in applying as a Skilled Migrant in Australia.

  1. Applicant must take a skills test and an English Test or IELTS before you can submit an Expression of Interest or EOI
  2. If you have successfully passed the initial test, you are now able to submit an online Expression of Interest and it will automatically go to the skills pool online.
  3. Once an application is submitted and in the pool, there are no guarantees that you will be selected. The DIAC or the Department of Immigration Citizenship will have to assess your application and will only invite those who have the highest points gathered from the pool and this will take 60 days.
  4. Your application will remain in the selection pool for 2 years if not selected within 60 days. It will expire after 2 years and you will need to lodge your application again.

There are annual quotas set for the skilled workers for each profession or occupation to keep a balance per occupation and once these fields are filled up, they will no longer accept applications until the next year.

Australia has a new system with the Australia’s labor and economic needs which allows the government to be more flexible in selecting applicants who can fill up the shortage of the current labor market in Australia.

The demand for a certain skill varies from one state to another. There are areas that have a shortage for nurses, construction workers and others are short of engineers and doctors.

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