If you are planning to Study in Denmark as a student, you have to check all those requirements that as a student you must have for applying for a Denmark Student Visa.  You have to apply for a temporary residence permit in order to Study in Denmark.

There are basically few educational programs which are as follows:

  • Degree programmes
  • Exchange programmes
  • Short-term programmes and summer schools
  • Diploma
  • Master’s, Bachelor’s & Academy Profession Degrees
  • Ph.D. research

The legal documents required for studying in Denmark depends on your home country and the duration of your stay.

Denmark Student Visa Requirements

The higher education institutions in Denmark monitor all the necessary requirements for the international students, including the language requirements so that they can get the admission in their desired programs. For  Denmark student, visa process applicant needs to clear all these requirements so that they can apply without any rejection. If they will get a rejection for their applied programme they will be informed in writing with the specific reason mention on it.

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Documents for Denmark student visa

There are some important documents that every applicant must have before applying for Denmark Student visa. These are:

  • Acceptance letter from Denmark university;
  • Language proficiency proof;
  • Visa fee payment proof
  • Minimum funds proof that is around 1000 EUR/month
  • A complete and signed application form.
  • Valid Identity proof i.e. Passport
  • The detailed information regarding your study programme
  • Proof regarding accommodation in Denmark and financial arrangement during your study course period.

After the submission of your file to the Danish Consulate, it takes, on about 60 days for the application to be processed. The Denmark student residence permit depends on the course time period that you took, that means if are going to complete your entire course there, then you will be granted residence permit for the duration of that program.  And if you are going to Denmark just to complete apart your program then visa for that time period is granted.

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