Apply for Skilled Visa and Move to Australia

Apply for Skilled Visa and Move to Australia

Australia has become a magnet for thousands of young talented and skilled individuals that are looking for a fantastic career overseas. As such, the demand for Australian Skilled visa has become immense across the world.

Asides from this, Australia is also looking for highly talented and skilled migrants to come in and fill the skill shortages in the country. However, despite the fact that there is need for skilled professionals in Australia, this doesn’t mean that it is easy to move there and find a job. This is why you need a visa consultancy service to help you milk the job opportunities in Australia.

What is the Right Pathway to Immigrate and find Jobs in Australia?

The first thing is to identify occupations that are in high demand. If you find one that matches your profile, then you are good. The next thing to do is apply for the right visa category online and pass the points test.

Now, because of the various requirements involved in the Australian immigration system, you may find it hard to really understand what to do. In this case, you need an expert in immigration to Dubai from Australia, a visa consultant,  who can help interpret the terms and also guide you well on what to do.

Recent Success of Visa Consultancy Service has been commendable.

Recently, many have come to understand that it actually is better to go through a visa consultant when submitting immigration applications. The success rate of those who go through this medium has increased greatly as against those who go it all by themselves.


So if you are looking to migrating to Australia to secure one of the many Australia jobs, you need help. Permits and Visas is an established and trusted Australian immigration agent in Dubai and can help to make your visa application hassle free. Permits and visas have the right accreditation and expert agents working round to clock to ensure that you reach your goals without stress. At Permits and Visas

  • We assign a case manager to your case and get a team of immigration professionals to handle your case while you get frequent updates
  • We arrange all the key documents needed to apply for immigration to Australia
  • We select the right occupation for you and also the right visa category based on your profile and strengths
  • We create an online profile and submit an Expression of Interest on the SkillSelect System
  • Once you receive an Invitation to Apply, we prepare immigration files and other documents that are required
  • We obtain the visa approval and get you contacted to pick up your visa.

This way, there are higher chances of getting closer to the top job opportunities in Australia. So whether you need an Australia working visa or Australia Skilled visa, you can count on our expertise at Permits and Visas.

To contact us, just fill our free visa assessment form and one of our agents will get back to you with more information.