Apply for Canada Skilled Visa and Work in Toronto

Apply for Canada Skilled Visa and Work in Toronto

Toronto is one of the biggest cities in Canada with a population of about 2.6 million people. It is a multicultural and diverse city, ranked as one of the most diverse in the world because more than half of the population of Toronto are people born in foreign countries. In this city alone, over 140 languages are spoken.

Just as you probably have imagines, Toronto has an international buzz around it and as such has become an economic hub. This city alone contributed about $157 billion dollars to the Canadian economy in 2013 alone, that’s about 10% of the GDP and these figures are still rising.

With some of the world’s biggest companies having their headquarters in Toronto because of the vast commercial infrastructure found here, there has been many job opportunities created in the city. IT and computer information systems alone has seen an increasing growth  in the past five years and other sectors including technical sales, medical practice, engineering, accounting and auditing etc., has witnessed huge growths in Toronto.

There are several variations in the requirements for education and experience and this has made it possible for all sorts of people to find jobs that suits them. So are you looking for work visa for Canada? Do you want to become a Canada permanent resident? Knowing and getting one of the top jobs in Toronto can speed up Canada immigration process for you. Let’s therefore take a look at these top jobs.

Marketing Manager

A marketing manager must be versatile because they have a varied range of responsibilities which mostly includes communication, audits, advertising, campaigns and managing the company’s customer base. Because of the fierce competition among companies, a marketing manager is always needed to get an hedge over the other. A Marketing Manager earns a Median of $120,000 or more.


Since Toronto is a multicultural and diverse city, many companies have realized they will need a translator in order to capture people who speak other languages. Translators are needed for English and French by most companies. As a professional translator in Toronto, you can earn anything between $52,000 and $90,000.

Corporate Trainer

A corporate trainer has the responsibility of teaching skills and knowledge to old and new employees alike. They help to keep the employees updated with the latest developments around the world. During company mergers, there are great demands for trainers. They earn a median pay between $55,000 and $100,000


A realtor who will practice in Toronto must have a high school diploma and a real estate training certificate that’s recognized by the province or territory where business will be conducted. They have the option of working either full time or part time. Full time realtors earn up to $125,000 yearly.

Construction Managers

This is one job that requires a ton of experience. Construction managers are saddled with the responsibility of managing projects and ensuring they are completed within the stipulated time frame while ensuring that all security standards are met. They are also in charge of managing crew schedules and the safety of the crew. They must be fully on ground and present at all times. They earn a median salary of over $105,000 yearly.


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