Apply for A Federal Skilled Worker Visa for Canada

Apply for A Federal Skilled Worker Visa for Canada

The Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Visa is for individuals who are skilled and has experiences which can fill the country’s labour market shortage and will be able to contribute to Canada’s growing economy. There are currently more than 49000 skilled worker visas granted this year alone and this includes the Federal Skilled Worker Visas.

Federal Skilled Worker Visa applicants must be able to meet the requirements for this category such as experience in skilled or semi skilled occupation and meet or exceed the minimum points from the skills assessment. If you are able to pass the assessment system, which is a points based system, you may be able to obtain a Permanent Resident Visa for Canada which will enable you to work and live in the country permanently with only a few restrictions and may apply for a Canadian Citizenship after some years. The visa holder will also be able to sponsor family members who are eligible.

The Canadian Express Entry System for Federal Skilled Worker Visa Requirements

The CIC or the Canadian Citizenship and Immigration has produced specific requirements for all the applicants of FSWP. These requirements must be met by the applicants to be able to get a visa. For an applicant to be qualified for a Skilled Worker Visa, included in the requirements are the health and character requirements which the applicants must be able to meet.

Aside from the basic requirements, applicants must be able to pass either English or the French language test and gain at least 67 points from the assessment test.


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