Where to find the cheapest and affordable cities in Canada? If you are searching for affordable Canadian cities to move to, there are two important factors to take into account:
• housing prices and
• the job market.
Some cities may have cheap rentals, but they also might have limited jobs available. Here’s a look at the most economical Canadian cities to live in 2018.
1. Kingston, Ontario
Kingston has better quality of life, with a cool climate but sunshine about 45 percent of the year. It is located two hours from Ottawa approx 2.5 hours from Toronto. Kingston housing prices are affordable and in budget as well.
2. Kitchener
The city of Canada is relatively affordable, having a cost of living index of 62.89. Kitchener has number of schools available for children, has a library and shopping malls for the average salary persons.
3. Surrey
Surrey is located in British Columbia with a population of over 500,000. The major industries in Surrey is the Business, and many residents have jobs in the sales and service fields. Many of them are in business and trade. There are big schools for children to attend and there are 3 universities, the majority of residents do not have a post-secondary degree themselves.
4. Sherbrooke, Quebec
The cost of living in Sherbrooke city of Canada is 15.6% which is below the national average, that makes Sherbrooke the cheapest of Canada’s cities with a population of over 100,000.
5. Ottawa
Ottawa, have the population over 900,000 residents, which is the capital city of Canada and is located in Ontario. Ottawa people are well educated, and there are several educational and research institutions in the city. The quality of life have been ranked highly in Ottawa. Some major attractions in the city include museums, government buildings, and parks.

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