Accountants Career Opportunities in Australia

Accountants Career Opportunities in Australia

Are you an accountant and wanting to Migrate to Australia through Skilled Migration? Accountants are in the occupation list of Australia called the Skilled Occupation List. It is the right time for you to apply as Australia is updating its list from time to time. You will be needing to be assessed on your skills to have a valid application by the assessing authorities of Australia based on your occupation.

Australia’s CPAA are currently assessing the following:

  • Accountant
  • Treasurer (Corporate)
  • Auditor (External)
  • Finance Manager

The assessment for CPAs for immigration are same with the entry level assessment. It will be determined by your accounting profession and the type of standard for your profession which is recognized. The Australian Immigration and Citizenship is using this standard to assess if you are suitable for employment in the country and is you are qualified to be granted a permanent resident visa.


Permits and Visas Immigration Consultants for Australia will assess your qualification based on the Australian Immigration requirements. Immigration Agents will help you understand your qualification for an Australian Visa based on your education, age, experience and other important factors. If you wish to be assessed for free by one of our immigration consultants in Dubai, contact us today.