About Permits Corporate Service Provider

Our integrity and commitment is with you. We help you achieve your dream of migrating by offering you a simple, honest and easy services. Our team of experts will give you free impartial advice on your visa application and we will ensure that you that before you become one of our valued clients, you are fully qualified for your visa of choice.

Permits Corporate Service Provider is one of the trusted immigration services companies in UAE and around the world with global offices in Dubai and in the UK. Our Immigration Consultants are Canada Regulatory Council accredited and MARA or Migration Agents Registration Authority accredited in Australia. We will leave you with a peace of mind with our specialized skills, integrity and exceptional standard of services.

Our team of Immigration Consultants in Dubai and in the UK have years of experience in the immigration industry and we would love to hear from you.

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Permits Corporate Service Provider

To be a leading and trusted provider of immigration services in the GCC and in the United Kingdom. Our company mission is to expand our global presence to allow us to provide local support to our international client base.
We are dedicated to provide the highest level of customer service and satisfaction. We pride ourselves in providing clear, transparent and professional advice.
We offer a FREE impartial and professional consultation with regards to the immigration options available to you. We will not take your case on unless we are confident that based on the information you provide us that you qualify for a visa.
Professional, secure and a fast service. Our collective experience in the Immigration industry exceeds 14 years and with that comes specialist knowhow and insight into Immigration applications.
Visa immigration rules change regularly and we provide comprehensive, up-to-date assessments for prospective visa candidates.
Your experience with us is important and we endeavour to stand out by offering a unique approach to our services.
When you apply for a visa it’s important to understand the processes involved and the requirements set out by the Department of Immigration.
As registered migration agents it’s our duty to provide reliable, concise and correct immigration advice at all times.
Once your application is complete, we take on the responsibility of submitting your application to the Department of Immigration.
When you engage a registered migration agent, you expect a successful outcome. That’s our goal and our no.1 priority.