How To Get Family Visa for Canada

Canada is a country of diverse cultures, beautiful landscapes and delightful climate. People live a splendid way of life there. It’s a hub of opportunities for business owners, entrepreneurs and other skilled talents. A large number of people in the world are attracted towards Canada for all the positive qualities it has in terms of leading a joyful life. The steady pace of work-home balance makes it one of the best places to move in with family.

Being one of the most politically stable, less crime and least polluted country, it’s an ideal destination to raise kids and set up business. Its geographical location makes it more important in terms of business as it borders the United States and Mexico among some nations in North America. You have to go through in detail the eligibility criteria for the Canada work permit. Same applies to the respective sections in the Canada skilled migrant visa or Canada work Visa.

The Canadian immigration has introduced flexible family visas wherein permanent residents can sponsor partners, parents, grandparents and children to get entry into Canada. They are like Canada express entryways. There are certain laws that are to be obliged to be successful in getting a visa. Below are some Canadian Visa requirements for family visa:

  • While filing Canada Visa Application first thing to be kept in mind is that the person sponsoring the family should be financially sound as per the Canadian requisite and must be willing to support the family financially for 20 years.
  • This income is assessed by the Canada Revenue Association
  • The sponsors have to repay to the authorities, they are staying under the territory of, for social assistance provided to their parents or grandparents unless the package is inclusive of costs like healthcare
  • Children below 19 years of age can only be sponsored except in the case of mental or physical disability

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Considering the supportive temperament of the Canadian government towards its citizens, it makes it worth it to think about making a move to migrate to Canada. There are many agencies and consultancies for respective countries set up to help immigrants settle into the new culture, to get information about various Permits and Visas.

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