5 Australian Visas available

5 Australian Visas Available for You

Below are some of the Australian Visas available for you to apply.

  1. Australian Skilled Visa

Individuals can apply for an Australian Skilled Visa if you are wanting to work in the country. Individual will need to qualify based on the points system Australian Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs requires to. You can be initially assessed by one of our Immigration Consultants to know if you will qualify for this type of visa. If we see that you are qualified or eligible, we will ask you to submit your paper and start the application process.

  1. Working Holiday Visa for Australia

This type of Australian Visa is a good choice for people who are wanting to explore the whole Australia and work at the same time to support their stay in the country. Most of the people who are availing this type of visas are the backpackers. An individual will be allowed to work for hours and have enough time to wander around Australia.

  1. Australian Family Visa

If you have a family who wants to visit Australia, get the Australian Family Visa. Obtaining a Family Visa is not that hard. You will just be asked to submit proof that you have an immediate family living and working in the country and they are able to support your stat there. If it happens that they cannot support your stay, you will need to provide a proof that you can support yourself during your whole stay in Australia.

  1. Australian Tourist Visa

A Tourist Visa for Australia can be acquired through online application. This will allow an individual to stay in Australia and travel for up to 3 months. Know if you are qualified for this type of visa.

  1. Australian Business Visa

If you want to invest or put up a business in Australia, and you think you are qualified, you can apply for an Australian Business Visa. If you have an experience in managing a successful business and have put up a business before, this is the right visa for you.


To know more about the other Australian Visa types available for you and your family, call Permits and Visas’ expert Australian Immigration Consultants in Dubai. We will tell you the best visa option for Australia for you and your family based on your qualification. You can fill out the form below to schedule a Free Consultation. Wait until one of our Immigration Consultant contacts you for assessment.