10 Reasons Why toMigrate to Canada

10 Reasons Why to Migrate to Canada

Canada, with its beautiful west coast and Rocky Mountains, has a striking way of giving a new meaning to what we know as ‘Breathtaking’. Being a country with undisputed title as one of the friendliest nations of the world, it has come to be of the hottest spots for migrants from all across the world. Below are a list of reasons why we think you will love Canada.

  1. Highest Tides

Talking about high tides, Canada is undoubtedly home to some of the highest tides in the world. The Hopewell Rocks gives travelers and visitors an incredible opportunity to enjoy the rock formations as well as plant life under the Ocean above water. Because of the huge difference in depths between low tides and high tides, visitors have the opportunity to Kayak in the Bay of Fundy at a point in the day, and then walk on the Ocean floor a few hours later.

  1. The People

You probably have heard it before that Canadians are some of the friendliest people in the world. Yes, it is absolutely true. Canadians are warm and welcoming, polite and helpful. If you look lost, you can be sure that someone will ask you if you need directions. Regardless of the fact that Canada is a fast paced country, people still stop to help.

  1. The Food

For all who appreciate quality food, you will love Canada. Talk about the diverse cultures which also means diverse kind of cuisines, you are bound to be spoilt for options when you try to eat out. From the Afghan Palao to the Belgian Chocolate, your taste buds will scream for joy! In Vancouver, the eateries are known for variety of Asian food and here, you will find many award winning Chinese restaurants.

  1. Sleep in an Ice Hotel

Canadians are known to build whole hotels out of ice during winter, with beautifully carved bars, which also have bedrooms and fireplaces! One of the most famous ice hotel is in Quebec. Montreal has got one too. If you are in Canada, you can try one of these ice hotels out and you will not be disappointed.

  1. Music

Canadians make music that sell! From Justin Bieber to Drake, to Avril Lavigne, Bryan Adams, Shania Twain, Celine Dion and many more, Canada has not taken a back seat when it comes to music.

  1. Beautiful Cities

A recent survey conducted has shown that Toronto, a city in Canada, is the fourth most attractive city in the World. Factors such as safety, education, technology, transport, quality of life and ease of doing business were considered. Other cities such as Vancouver, Quebec, Calgary and Montreal were also ranked high in this survey.


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