Canada Express Entry

10 Facts About Canada Express Entry

  1. There are two ways of creating your profile for Express entry – you can state a provincial Nominee and then fill out an express entry profile, or create the profile first and then update it with the PNP.
  2. Candidates in the Canada Express entry pool have the advantage of promoting themselves directly to employers through the Canadian job bank.
  3. An ECA (educational credential assessment) is required for applying to the express entry pool.
  4. You do not necessarily need a job offer to apply for the Express entry pool. The same goes for a Canadian Visa. But it can help your case in case of a Canadian work visa or permit.
  5. From the moment that a candidate receives an invitation to apply, he/she has 60 days to complete the electronic application and submit it.
  6. It is a compulsion for you to take a language test in order to apply. This is done basically, to determine your language abilities and fluency.
  7. You as a candidate, have the freedom of applying directly under a province of your own choosing under the PNP or the Provincial name program.
  8. In case of married couples, only one person needs to have an invitation and they can bring their spouse and children (under 19 years of age) to Canada.
  9. Applications from Quebec are not triaged through Express Entry. There is an exception in the case when the person is working/employed outside of Quebec.
  10. Candidates are not necessarily required to hire an immigration representative for this process, but just like in the case of acquiring a Canadian work permit or immigrant visa/work visa, it is always a good idea to consult a professional. This helps in maximizing your chances and minimizing risk.

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