How to Obtain Singapore Visa from Dubai

Working in Singapore in 8 Steps

Singapore is one of the top best hub for commercial and business in the Southeast Asia because of its flexible and creative policies that are attracting creatives professionals globally as well as entrepreneurs from around the globe.

STEP 1: 

If you have a talent that meets the requirements, you can apply for a Personalized Employment Pass or the PEP. You must be earning a monthly salary of at least $18000 or you are holding a skilled migrant visa. PEP is not connected to or related to any employer and this is granted based on the applicants qualifications. PEP will allow the applicant to remain in Singapore for a 6 months time.


This step will suggest you to search for available jobs in Singapore. There are a lot of job search channels that can help you in landing a job in Singapore. Go through the job sites, potential employers website, agencies and headhunters and some friends in your network.


Submit your resume to potential employers, head hunters and agencies, job search sites and some friends for referral. When sending your resume, include your credentials as a supporting document such as school certificates, diplomas, work certificates and demo video or demo reels and a portfolio. Most of the Singapore employers prefer receiving resume online, through email.


For the interview process, mostly, employers only inform the ones that have been shortlisted. Time frame of the interview process differs depending on the employer. Mostly, it will take 2 weeks to 2-3 months. Overseas applicants may be interviewed via phone call, video conference, or if the company has a Dubai Office, they may ask you to attend to their office. There are some employers who requires applicants to submit presentations and essays. Most employers are looking for the following criteria:

  • Qualifications
  • Flexibility and Adaptation
  • Open Outlook
  • English Profeciency


When accepting a job, you will be asked to sign a contract where your salary, bonuses, working hours and job responsibilities are included. Usually, employees are given 2 to 5 days to go through the contract before signing.


This stage you have to apply now for Singapore work visa. Dubai residents will need to apply and obtain a Employment Pass or EP to work in Singapore. Some other skilled professionals like middle skilled professionals are required to get an S Pass. This application is to be made by the employer. It can be done manually or online.


Upon approval of your work visa, your employer will get an IPA or the In-Principle Approval letter. It is given together with your EP or S Pass form the Ministry of Manpower Work Pass Division of Singapore. This letter is valid for six (6) months and you can claim it when you arrive in Singapore. First time applicants are given up to two (2) years and three (3) years for renewals.


Once visa and other requirements are settled, it is now time t relocate to Singapore. Relocating is a hassle if you are not going to research and not ready. You may contact some relocating agencies to take care for your relocation.

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