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How You Can Apply for Australian Visa

How You Can Apply for Australian Visa
Are you married to an Australian Citizen?
If you are joined to an Australian citizen in holy matrimony, the Australian spouse visa qualifies you to apply for Australian immigration. If you are couples that have been living together for up to a year but not married, you are also […]

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How to Get An Australian Skilled Independent Visa

How to Get An Australian Skilled Independent Visa
The Australian Skilled Independent Subclass 189 Visa grants a permanent Australia work permit to individuals with the right skills and qualifications to enable them occupy the skill shortages in Australia.
All applicants are expected to have a minimum of 60 points on the points-assessment to be qualified for this […]

Process in Migrating to Australia

Process in Migrating to Australia
Australia is one of the most popular destinations for skilled workers worldwide and young professionals who are planning to start a new and better life elsewhere.
With a stable and strong economy that has consistently encouraged skilled migrants to come in via the various encouraging immigration policies, Australia is no doubt […]

Apply for Skilled Visa and Move to Australia

Apply for Skilled Visa and Move to Australia
Australia has become a magnet for thousands of young talented and skilled individuals that are looking for a fantastic career overseas. As such, the demand for Australian Skilled visa has become immense across the world.
Asides from this, Australia is also looking for highly talented and skilled migrants to come […]

Australian 189 Visa for Skilled Professionals

Australian 189 Visa for Skilled Professionals
Australia is one of the those popular countries for immigration as it offers a number of job opportunities to skilled workers around the world. Australia has a point based system for skilled professionals which will allow people who are highly skilled to migrate to Australia and will enable them […]

Migrate to Australia with Skilled Visa

Migrate to Australia with Skilled Visa
The Australia’s Skilled Regional Provisional visa, Subclass 489, is a temporary one that is designed for workers who have good qualifications and skills with good English language capabilities but may not have meet the requirements for the Skilled Independent Subclass 189 visa. If you are in this category, then you […]

Australian Immigration 101

Australian Immigration 101
Planning to migrate to Australia? You will need an Australian Visa and choosing the right Australian Visa for you and your family for migration can be a long and costly process and quite complicated.
Here are some Australian immigration information for you for your knowledge.
What’s an Australian Visa?
An Australian visa is a type […]

Skilled Independent Visa Requirements for Australia

Skilled Independent Visa Requirements for Australia

Australia has become one of the most favorite places for migration worldwide. Highly skilled professionals are much in demand in the country that is why Australian Immigration offers a number of Immigration programs available for application.
Want to know the basic requirements for an Australian Skilled Independent Immigration Visa? See […]