Immigration to Denmark

Immigration to Denmark

Permits and Visas  is proud to have assisted thousands of professionals to migrate to Denmark to work and live. Denmark’s doors are open to professionals from the Middle East because of the need for more than 30,000 professionals including civil engineers, IT professionals, architects, nurses and people who are experts in business administration. About one-third of the Danish population will retire in the next few years. This infers that there will be more need for skilled workers as the months go by. This makes it the most appropriate time for skilled migrants from all over the world to apply.

Denmark offers high compensation to hired workers and allows them to bring in their families to live in Denmark. Education and health is free for all who successfully meet the Denmark Visa requirements for the Denmark Green Card Scheme visa.

Denmark is rated to be one of the happiest places to be on Earth, according to a survey carried out on the quality of health, welfare and education. It is also one of the most peaceful places on earth and one of the least corrupt nations.

However, before submitting your Denmark visa application for work permits, you may want to check whether you are eligible to apply. Eligibility is based on a set of requirements which include age, educational background, language proficiency and adaptability among other things. Permits and visas  of your application and our honest assessment will help a long way in making sure there are no errors in your application. You are welcome to call us, our Denmark Visa and Immigration consultants will be waiting to answer all your questions.

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