Permits and Visas Customer Complaints


When I moved to Brazil, I was amazed at first. The people were nice, the atmosphere was electric, and I generally loved how everything made me feel. However, over time, I got to see a few service flaws that I wasn’t really too happy with

Aslam pravez

The number of people in India is incredibly much and this is actually the main reason why everywhere seems to dirty and people get sicka lot. You can barely breathe a breath of fresh air while you’re here

Mohan Sharma

There’s almost no way that I could get awesome internet here in Panama. I have to walk out of where I stay sometimes just to get good internet connection and it’s definitely a lot of stress

Alam hussain

I work at a day care center in the Philippines and I have to admit that sometimes these people can be really rude. It’s madly annoying, especially considering that there’s basically nothing I can do about it

Shazia Atif

The cost of living here in Australia is pretty high. I spend a lot of money on stuff that’s either cheap or free in the United States and after working about five months here, I’ve realized that I have almost nothing in my savings account

Vishal Romani

I actually love it in Hong Kong, but I also miss being able to speak in English with my friends. The language barrier here is pretty serious and you have to listen pretty hard to hear the people who even speak English.

Prem Banshal

South Africa is fun… al lot of fun. The people have a crazy energy and they are really passionate about pretty much every aspect of their culture. However, they also tend to take this passion to an extreme by being a bit rambunctious. They make a lot of noise, especially when watching football matches or attending concerts or stuff like that

Eric Mugizi

Sometimes, I look at how much I work here in Germany and after comparing it with the pay I get, I really didn’t think it was worth it. It got so bad that I even considered just moving back to the United Kingdom.

Jalie Rehman

I’ve been living in Britain for about six months now and while the place is really beautiful, I’ve noticed that there seems to be a lack of life and vibe here. They are so culturally inclined that it seems like they forget to live it up a little.

Mukhtar Javeed

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