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Australia Permits and Visas

Immigration Rules to Australia from March 2018

In recent Australia Immigration rules update covered a number of major changes to migration legislation. These changes have impacted the skilled occupation lists, English language requirements and training benchmark requirements. There are still significant changes to come from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), with March 2018 being the next significant milestone.
In […]

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A Way in Migrating to Australia as a Skilled Worker

A Way in Migrating to Australia as a Skilled Worker
The Skilled Nominated (Provisional) visa is an Australian sponsored visa for migrants who are skilled who will not mind living and working in any of the regional or low population areas of Australia. A minimum score of 60 points is required as pass mark in order […]

Australian Visas You Can Apply For

Australian Visas You Can Apply For
With the vast and wide-ranging landscapes, white-sand beaches, exceptional wildlife and more, Australia definitely is a country that enjoys a rick history and a natural diversity. Being a developed nation with one of the strongest economies in the world, it enjoys the attention of expats from all across, people […]

How to Get An Australian Skilled Independent Visa

How to Get An Australian Skilled Independent Visa
The Australian Skilled Independent Subclass 189 Visa grants a permanent Australia work permit to individuals with the right skills and qualifications to enable them occupy the skill shortages in Australia.
All applicants are expected to have a minimum of 60 points on the points-assessment to be qualified for this […]

Process in Migrating to Australia

Process in Migrating to Australia
Australia is one of the most popular destinations for skilled workers worldwide and young professionals who are planning to start a new and better life elsewhere.
With a stable and strong economy that has consistently encouraged skilled migrants to come in via the various encouraging immigration policies, Australia is no doubt […]

How to Apply for Australian Visa

How to Apply for Australian Visa
Know how to successfully pass the Australian Visa Points Based System when applying? If you are a young, skilled and talented professional and you are wanting to migrate to Australia where lifestyle, life quality, culture and  job opportunities are booming, now is the right time to apply for an […]

Apply for Skilled Visa and Move to Australia

Apply for Skilled Visa and Move to Australia
Australia has become a magnet for thousands of young talented and skilled individuals that are looking for a fantastic career overseas. As such, the demand for Australian Skilled visa has become immense across the world.
Asides from this, Australia is also looking for highly talented and skilled migrants to come […]

Migrate with Australian Skilled Independent Visa

Migrate with Australian Skilled Independent Visa
The Skilled Independent Visas is probably the most popular visa to Australia among immigrants all across the world. The visa is specifically designed for skilled migrants who may not have state, territory, employer or family member in Australia’s sponsorship. The selection basis for this visa is the skills, profit score […]

Australian 189 Visa for Skilled Professionals

Australian 189 Visa for Skilled Professionals
Australia is one of the those popular countries for immigration as it offers a number of job opportunities to skilled workers around the world. Australia has a point based system for skilled professionals which will allow people who are highly skilled to migrate to Australia and will enable them […]

Australian Skilled Migration Overview

Australian Skilled Migration Overview
Australia is encouraging highly skilled workers and professionals from around the world to work and live in the country. Applying an Australian Visa will depend on your credentials, skills, qualification professionally and personally.
There are a list of Australian Immigration Programs open for foreign skilled workers from all over the world by […]