Permits and Visas Canadian Reviews


Canada is a very beautiful country. I came here with the mindset that I’ll be seeing a lot of places and landmarks and I have to say that most of them have not let me down. I’m definitely more than happy that I came here for a visit and I’m looking forward to my next visit here.

Manipal Singh

Apart from the fact that the people in the neighborhood where I live are sure nice, I also enjoy the fact that there are a lot of things that Canada has in common with the United States. It actually almost feels like I’m in my second home here

Subrta Sen

Toronto is just insane. The energy, vibe, and atmosphere here are nothing short of electrifying. There’s all I need right here. As a matter of fact, I almost don’t even miss the States at all.

Goel Xen

I’m really in love with my new place in Ontario. I have no complaints whatsoever and the people here have really accepted me and they really went out of their way to help me settle in and feel more at home

Faridaa Sheikh

I’ll like to commend Permit and Visas for the work they did in getting me a visa to Canada as well as helping me to acquire my work permit. I’ve settled in perfectly here and I have to say that I really love every part of the country

Gulshan Patil

The social life here in Canada is actually quite comparable to that in the United States. Wherever you look (and regardless of your personal preferences), you can rest assured that there’s definitely an activity for you to engage yourself in.

Tariq Yayub

When I was looking for a pace to get a fresh start to my life, I just knew that Canada was the place for me. I’m more than happy to say that I wasn’t disappointed and I’ve not had any cause to regret my choice to move here. This place is really nice and I’m living well


Within two weeks of moving to Ontario, I was able to get a good and beneficial job here. My job pays well and I’m able to save a large sum of my salary as well

Ekta Yadav

I’m really happy with the life that I’m living with my family in Canada. No matter what, I know that life here is always much easier and I’m enjoying a really good life

Yunush Malik

I just love everything about Canada the food, the music, the people, the attractions, basically everything. It’s almost like the United States, only that it’s a tad more preferable.

Sarthi Chinde

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