Australia Immigration from UAE

Australia Immigration from UAE

Australia is one of the top destinations for international migrants in the world. Australia has a large need for highly skilled professionals especially young professionals who are wanting to start a life in other country. Australia’s economy is strong and progressive that has been encouraging migrants all over the world. Applicants who wish to obtain an Australian Work Permit Visa will be assess through a point based system which will be awarded by the officers based on applicants work experience, language proficiency, qualifications and financial status. We can assist you in applying Australia Visas that include Family Migration and Humanitarian Programmes.

  • Australia is offering a number of programmes for international migrants with good work experience and qualifications. You can choose which one best suits your application below. If you are under 45 years old and at least have a vocational attainment in English language and you have qualifications in one of the professions on priority list, you can apply for a Skilled Migrant Visa.
  • If you are wanting to live in one of the regions in Australia, you can apply for an Australian Permanent Residence Visa
  • You can apply for an Australian Student Visa if you plan to study in one of the universities or schools in Australia. You have to improve your English proficiency to obtain one.
  • Working Holiday Visa is for young professionals who are on holiday and wanting to work to support themselves while in Australia.

Australia is also accepting international migrants with family members who are already in the Australia. You can apply under Family Stream Programme or under Humanitarian Program.

* – Australia also accepts migrants with relatives already in the country under the Family Stream Migration program, and welcomes refugees under the Humanitarian Program.


Permits and Visas can help you with all the processes in obtaining an Australian Visa whether you are wanting to travel, live, study or work in the country. Permits and Visas’ Immigration Experts will guide you with all the necessary requirements, process and fees that you need to gather. We will help you on how will you be able to score points on your application and advise you on the current rules and regulations in Australia.

Call us today at 04 553 8913 to know more about our services and Visa details.

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