applying for work permit in canada

Applying For Work Permit in Canada

Canadian Visa rules and regulations have been changed many times on how to apply for a Canadian Work Permit. Canada makes amendments in the workers programs and it is trying to protect both local and international workers from all types of exploitation and in the labour market.


To obtain a Canadian Work Permit, it usually require a job offer from one of the eligible Canadian employers. It can also help you in obtaining a Canadian Permanent Residence through the Arranged Employment Opinion. There are open work permits that can be granted to applicants as well as Canadian Working Holiday Visa program that do not require job offer to obtain a Canadian Work Permit.


Labor Market Verification is mostly is required in obtaining a Canadian Work Permit. If the individual was able to gain a positive LMO, they can now apply for a Canada Work Permit. If your Work Permit requires an LMO, your Canadian employer must have to advertise the position and employer must be able to demostrate that there are no Canadians or permanent residents who can fill the position. But, there are some advertising exemptions, too.

LMO Exemptions are as follow:

NAFTA Work Permits

Intra-Company Transfer

Post-Graduate Work Permit


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