Singapore Work Permits

All About Singapore Work Permits

For the past years, Singapore has been implementing strict rules and regulations on its work permit programme for foreign applicants. But still Singapore is having a large number of international workers and has grown to 1.3 million last 2014. It is not impossible to land a job in Singapore. Just make sure you follow the rules and regulations as well as the Ministry of Manpower as it this the government branch for labour policies.

How to land an employment in Singapore?

First, you have to determine what type of work permit you want to apply. S Pass or an Employment Pass are both can be applied by individual and your employer. Your monthly salary and your level of skill will be the basis for you to qualify. There is a large number of foreign workers that currently as on Singapore Work Permit  and most of them are European and they are commonly an EP holders. To be qualified for an Employment Permit, you must have at least a fixed salary of 3,300 Singapore dollars or more. Also your qualifications must be ‘acceptable’. Such skills are specialists or managerial positions. Ministry of Manpower features a In Demand Skills List which you can check. Mostly are in the construction and healthcare industry. This will help you to know the most valued professions and skills in Singapore. For an S Pass, the restrictions are lower. You just have to have a fixed monthly salary of 2,200 Singapore dollars.


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Check on the Skills in Demand List in Singapore Here